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  1. Vitamin E CAPSULES

    Natural Vitamin E 400mg + Evening primrose oil 10mg
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  2. Vitamin C Chewable Tablets

    Vitamin C Chewable Tablets
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  3. Vitamin C , Vitamin D3 With Zinc Chew-able Tablet

    Vitamin C , Vitamin D3 With Zinc Chew-able Tablet
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  4. Omega 3 Fatty Acid Capsules

    Omega 3 Fatty Acid Capsules
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  5. Vitamin B12,Multimineral With Antioxidant Tab

    Therapeutic indications:• As antioxidants to fight free radicals • Improves peripheral blood circulations • Support strong immune system • Helps to fight ageing • Support the production of other proteins like enzyme, antibodies, hormones • Promotes bone health • Helps in converting fatty acids to energy and prevent weight gain • Promotes skin health through increased collagen formation • Increases the energy level of the body
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  6. Folic Acid Syrup

    Each 15ml contains: L-Lysine HCl 70mg, Folic Acid 0.5mg, Vitamin B1 0.5mg, Vitamin B2 0.5mg, Vitamin B6 0.5mg, Vitamin B12 15mcg
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  7. Multi Vitamin Syrup

    Content:Each 15ml contains Vitamin- C 50mg + Vitamin E 25mg + Zinc sulphate 7.5mg + vitamin- B1 2mg + vitamin B2 2mg + manganese sulphate 1.5 mg + vitamin B6 1mg + copper sulphate 1 mg + vitamin A palmitate 5000iu + selenium dioxide 150mcg + vitamin B12 5mcg + carbohydrates as sugar 6gm Pack: 200ml (Pineapple Flavor)Indications: Deficiency disorders, demanding disorders, developmental disorders, acne, premature wrinkling of the skin, brittle nail syndrome, steroid-induced loss of hair.
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  8. Folic Acid Syrup

    Ferric ammonium citrate 160mg+ Folic acid 500 mcg+ Cyanocobalamin 5mcg+ Zinc sulphate 22.2 mg
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  9. Sodium Feredetate Tablet

    Sodium feredetate BP 231mg (eq. to elemental iron 33 mg.) + Folic acid IP 1.5mg + Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) IP 15mcg
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  10. Lycopene Capsule

    Content: Vitamin A 5000 I.U. + Vitamin E 15mg + Ascorbic acid 75mg + Copper sulphate 1mg + Zinc sulphate 7.5mg + Lycopene 10% 2000mcg + Manganese sulphate 1.5mg + Beta carotene (10% dispersion) 10mg + Selenium Dioxide 150mcg
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  11. Multivitamin Tab

    Ovit - M Multivitamin Tab
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  12. Multivitamin Tablet

    Content: Vitamin A (palmitate) 5000 I.U. + Vitamin E 25mg + vitamin C 50mg + zinc sulphate 7.5 mg + Carotin (30% Dispersible) + copper sulphate 1mg + manganese sulphate 1.5 mg + selenium dioxide 150 mcg
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